How to Communicate with your Spirit Guides More Effectively

Spiritual beings, as some of us realize we truly are, were the first thing I encountered upon the opening of my third eye back in 2009. In that moment, with the spiritual light turning back on, I could see them and they could see me. Due to my ignorance surrounding the topic I became frightened by this new and unknown realm in which I had jumped into.

Since those early days of my explosion in consciousness, I have encountered a whole plethora of beings not incarnated at this time and on all sides of the spectrum. As I slept I would be guided, going through strange multidimensional portals, what could be best described as traveling through time, and coming out literally among the stars in some distant, awe-strikingly beautiful, and totally unknown reaches of the universe. Each time I took this quest, I was always greeted by a very-alien like benevolent being who had something to teach me. I am still integrating what I learned to this day since the vast amount of information was mostly received wordlessly and symbolically.

I have also encountered beings on the lower, darker, and malevolent side, whose influence took advantage of my ignorance on the topic and wreaked havoc in such a way that it affected even my physical body.

Through this incredibly bumpy journey through the spiritual realms and back, I have attained a certain amount of wisdom when it comes to the subject of spirits, and those spirits who act as our guards, guides, healers, and teachers.

It is a subject quite profound and one that doesn't get enough attention in certain aspects, especially the subject of protection, and the ways about doing it in an effective manner. I will cover a few ideas which I hope might assist you in the coming years as your consciousness continues to evolve.

Be specific with whom you want assistance from and protection against.

I feel that most people would be shocked and astounded to see the amount of "lost" or roaming spirits there are floating around this planet, I have dealt with thousands in the span of a week. When you ask for protection, as an example, ask for assistance from spiritual guides that are more highly evolved than yourself and who are only willing to assist in ways that are in alignment with your most highest and loving good, and ask for protection from those that are not.

They cannot See you.

What I mean by that is these beings are largely existing on a dimension with a much higher vibration than ours. They do not have the sensory organs that perceive the world as we do. They can sense what is going on on a vibrational level, but this doesn't come very close to how our sensory organs have been fine tuned to receive them.  With that being said, they don't "hear" your words when you speak to them but rather they sense the vibrations of those words. The more descriptive of what is going on and what you need their help for, the more efficiently they can assist you.

Ask Ask Ask... and don't forget to ask.

Your spiritual posse has got your back for everything great and small, so don't be afraid to ask! They are literally on call 24/7 for to assist you in whatever you might need help with. They want you to ask them for help with all of your little and big issues in life but they can only do as much as you will let them.

The key here is that they are guides here to guide you through life. It's up to you to do what is necessary to make things happen.

Above is a preview of one of my most powerful Mandalas whose energy has been themed with that of Spiritual Guidance. Encoded within the shapes, colors and geometry is the energy of benevolent spirits. It will affect each person in their own unique way, given to them what is needed most. Hearing guidance with greater clarity, seeing and recognizing signs more frequently, and overall being more in tune with the energies of our guides are just a few possibilities that can be activated within us while meditating upon this Sacred Visage Mandala.