"I highly recommend doing a reading with Samuel!! Samuel was able to go beyond the surface and bring up what was taking place within me. He captured a blueprint of my soul in it's current state. He then sat with me and patiently went over each aspect of my soul blueprint. He nailed exactly what I was going through. The detailed reading validated things that I was currently going through within but I hadn't shared with anyone before. The reading gave me guidance in making important life decisions and confidence in moving forward with my vision. I left very impressed! Thank you Samuel!" ~ Sulema Pimentel

The energy drawing you did gave me a crystal clear image of my deepest Self. More than any single event in life, it points me clearly to the path my life is meant to follow to bring me to my highest good. It is a real act of Grace to be shared this beautiful guidance. May you be blessed with great success. I recommend your skills and services to everyone who wishes to truly see themselves.
Blessings and Light-
Mari Wilson
Clarity Insights


 Dear Sam, your reading was amazing...you say it is simplified version, while in fact it is very complex with each energy relating to specific aspect of my soul development! your analogy was spot on and I am grateful to know my hard work is actually seen- I do feel big jumps forward but this is like purple on green, can't get much more clear :-) Your directions have also helped a lot to really focus on what is dragging me down at the moment and it is right this realization that will allow me to progress even more- am sure of it. Thank you for all your insights and keep up the great work!

Thank you, Sam, for the amazing "Energy Snap Shot" and explanation.
I was quite hesitant to take the time for this as I had so many other things requiring my attention.  I was led to meet with you anyway and receive what you had to offer. 
I am delighted that I did!
I was quite astonished when you put the Energy Snap Shot on the screen.  My heart jumped for joy.  I knew the colors and shapes on the screen had meaning for me and I felt them speak to me immediately.  The information that came through in your explanation was a blessing to my soul.  I hope others take the opportunity to receive this blessing.
Love, Light, and Laughter,
Janice Lynch, Spiritual Mentor & Minister for The Divine Fellowship

 Sam has made me an energy reading which was pretty straight on. It was very cool to see my energy colors and patterns.Thank you Sam

I am so pleased with the energy reading you gave me. I could hardly believe how right on you where. I had know idea that something like this could be done and after seeing it and hearing what you had to say I was so excited and I can't wait for you to do another one. It has changed my way of thinking and doing things for the good. I had been trying to stay positive in my thinking and I was trying to hard to manifest things that I was doing more harm than good and with this reading I was able to see it for myself for the first time. Thank you so much and I look forward to the next one.

I was very amazed and happy about the reading it really confirmed things I have felt but also surprised me.  It also made me look deeper inside me and to remember to listen to my heart more.
Wonderful for me was to  know I have much support around me, as it is sometimes easy  to feel alone in this world. It was a very unique reading to me, never done a energy drawing reading before. It felt very interesting to learn about ones energy patterns and colors and what they mean and what they represent. It is also so very cool to see oneself in colors and patterns.
Thank you so much for this wonderful reading!
With love,

These readings always help me out immensely. It really does help me understand myself better by giving me a fresh perspective, making me realize how I can point myself in a better direction. It’s like looking at a map when you’ve been wandering around aimlessly with only a compass. For the first time, I can see the things I know about myself that can’t be quantified or measured, which makes a huge difference. Everything about it is completely true.