Sacred Visage Mandalas

"More than any single event in life, it points me clearly to the path my life is meant to follow to bring me to my highest good." -Mari Wilson

After my Kundalini experiences where I came in touch with universal consciousness it was apparent that I would no longer be the same, that at my core I had died and been reborn again. I began having strange and powerful urges to draw geometric shapes and filling them with color in very particular ways. I could connect with an individual and channel there energies into a mandalas intimately specific to what was going on within there lives. As a result the information contained within the deep and powerful symbolism effected them in exactly the way needed to initiate positive change in there life, or in some cases to reinforce and reassure about what was already there.

We are all not lost but sometimes we forget where we are.

My Kundalini Experiences have sent me diving into the deepest depths of consciousness, where all is one, and everything matters. As profound and powerful it was, it was fairly short blip of time and although I cannot "fathom" most of what happened the amount I did and still can has radically changed how I see the universe. I want to share that with all of you.