What is a Soul Visage?

A Soul Visage is my most powerful work that I do, it has much the similar effect as the Sacred Visages only every facet of its creation is tailored to be in alignment with your individual energy.
Below is an example of my most recent.
Not only does this image carry specific energies and information specially tuned to me, but each section or  "fractal" tells a story of various parts of my life in this moment of my life.

Each person is unique, so is there Soul Visage mandala and the information and story it contains. This, again, is the single most powerful tool for transformation I offer right now and I have personally witnessed the life altering capability it has ability to initiate.

I highly encourage my clients to meditate under this a few times a week, to keep it somewhere personal or sacred to them as its energies are intimately tied to there own. Other people gazing upon can benefit from its design to an extent but nothing in comparison to the individual it was crafted for.

This is not limited to a single person, an organization, a couple, a family, or even a whole business or company can have its own Soul Visage Mandala created for its benefit.

A deep and powerful medicine for the soul.