What is a Sacred Visage?

A sacred visage is a mandala channeled by Samuel to illicet a particular effect on the one who gazes or meditates on them. An example here is the Age of Aquarius Sacred Visage.

The intention behind its creation was simple, to assist in a transition to something that which is in alignment with the individuals and collective highest good in this new age we have entered. Ever since I created it I have noticed a few things. First off an increased sense of inspiration to do my spiritual work, to create these healing mandalas and get them out to the world to the people who can benefit from there presence. I met new like minded people with the same goals and aspirations about what they want to do with there lives as I do, started a meetup group for spiritual and metaphysical discussion, and stumbled upon event after event that has enabled me to do what I came here to do.

The potential for this type of healing is limitless and I simply create as I am inspired to create with a few in the works as I type this. I do not normally take suggestions on these unless I am inspired to do so, If I try to conciously control one to be a certain way, I will hit a creative brick wall.

All of these Sacred Visages are done so in a way where I let the information channel through me, as it is the only way for there manifestation here to properly occur as well as there powerful healing potential.